Sponsorship in the local RMA Portland Metro Chapter can bring considerable benefit to your organization. Becoming a sponsor allows your company to access educational and networking events attended by active Portland area credit professionals for a much lower cost.

While many organizations are focused on internal growth, RMA provides entry into the current world of finance. Our general luncheons feature speakers, panels, educational forums and social networking events. By supporting RMA, your organization is visible to the current and future leaders of the finance industry in the Portland Metro area.

Sponsorship offers an incomparable opportunity to meet lenders and credit professionals who are in a position to recommend your firm’s services through their own institution or through their clients’ institutions. Our membership includes 150 banking professionals from regional, community and national banks. Over 700 members and non-members attend our events annually! Sponsoring the RMA Portland Metro Chapter is your opportunity to be seen by market lending professionals and make connections for your company.

Sponsorship of the RMA Portland Metro Chapter provides your company with:

connection-people-1Networking among peers and clients


volume-mediumYear-long visibility for your organization


Access to educational events for lessmoney



Promoting sound risk management


Sounds great! How do I get involved?

Become a Member! We also encourage the direct sponsorship of a specific event. The RMA Portland Metro Chapter holds regular events throughout the year. You can choose to sponsor:

When you sponsor one of our events, we arrange for:

  • Company recognition on all promotions for the event (website, email and LinkedIn)
  • A ‘thank you’ slide with your company’s logo on the main screen as people arrive at the event
  • Company logo on the homepage of the RMA Portland Metro website
  • Recognition from the podium at the event

By providing financial resources to the Chapter you help support RMA and its mission. Sponsorship helps us increase the quality of programming, participation and Chapter visibility.

Sponsorship Levels

Event Sponsor – $1,500

There may be up to two other non-competing sponsors at this level for each event at a total of $4,500.

Premier Event Sponsor – $5,000

There may be up to five non-competing sponsors, a single sponsor or various multiples for $5,000 total.

Other sponsorships are available for events in addition to the General Luncheons:

If you’d like to move forward with sponsorship, please email sponsorship@rmaportlandmetro.org.