Become a part of a community of like-minded professionals

The RMA Portland Metro Chapter is a network of industry professionals that can help develop your career in banking and finance. When you become a member, you’ll have connections to turn to at every stage of your career for questions or advice.

Select the membership type that’s right for you:

Financial Institutional Membership

This type of membership is for financial institutions, private and governmental, active in lending, identifying enterprise risks and other aspects of risk management, and related financial services.

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Associate Membership

You can apply for associate membership if you are employed by an institution that is an institutional member of RMA. An associate membership provides exposure to the industry’s key decision-makers and managers. Our events will keep you up to date on industry trends and issues while providing you with opportunities to meet new people and network with peers.

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Professional Membership

Professional members are employed by organizations and entities not eligible to be institutional members, but provide services to financial institutions such as accountants, attorneys, insurance agency professionals, credit/risk department professionals and similar consultants. RMA offers continuing education through its many resources and training courses, many approved for NASBA CPE credit.

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Professional Membership for Academics

Academic members are employed by schools (i.e. colleges and universities) and are regularly involved in instructing and advising on the mitigation of credit, operational, and market risk for their own institution’s curriculum. Some examples of these types of members include professors, deans and teaching assistants.

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Student Membership

A candidate for a student membership must be a full-time student (not currently employed full time) and pursuing a major associated with risk management (banking, business, management, administration, finance, economics, or accounting).

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For membership questions, please contact: