May 23rd, 2017
2:30 – 4:00pm
at Portland City Grill

Enterprise Risk Roundtable: Practical Tips for Developing a Coherent Capital and Liquidity Management Strategy

Join RMA Portland Metro and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco for a very timely and pertinent discussion on best practices in capital, liquidity, and model risk management.

Discussion topics will include:

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  • Quantitative best practices in capital calculation, liquidity management, and stress testing
  • Three Lines of Defense: defining responsibilities for model risk management
  • Overcoming the “siloed” approach to capital, liquidity, and market risk management


Network and learn with with Enterprise Risk Managers from a variety of institutions throughout the region. This discussion will focus primarily on requirements for institutions between $10-$50B in assets. This event is specifically targeted at Chief Risk Officers, Enterprise Risk Managers, Quantitative Analysts, Model Risk and Validation Analysts, and Audit Professionals.

Technophiles with mobile devices.

Our speaker Greg Brimley, Senior Examiner for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, has 16 years of examination experience, including 5 years as a commissioned examiner with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (FRBSF). He is currently assigned to the FRBSF’s Financial Resiliency Team as a risk specialist with primary responsibilities in capital planning and stress testing, model risk management, and liquidity risk management.

Greg participated in the 2015 and 2016 Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) on the Capital Review Team (CRT) assigned to review board and senior management oversight of capital planning and stress testing for several of the largest most complex banking organizations in the United States. During the recent CCAR 2017, he was assigned as an analyst to the horizontal Wholesale Credit Loss Estimation team. Also, while on the Financial Resiliency Team, he was assigned as co-lead for the last two years on the deposit work stream of the Coordinated Liquidity Review of both large domestic and large foreign banking organizations with operations in the United States. Prior to his assignment on the Financial Resiliency Team, he was a member of a residency supervisory team of a large banking organization with similar responsibilities as those he currently had on the Financial Resiliency Team. While on the residency team, he was the examiner-in charge, three years in a row, for the Capital Plan Review (CapPR) and CCAR. Before joining the Federal Reserve, he worked for the Utah Department of Financial Institutions for 11 years where he participated in numerous examinations of financial institutions of varying size and complexity.