3 June 2019

Collateral Exam Compared to CPA Audit


Borrowers sometimes say, “I get an audit [efn_note] Audit – Google search: “A systematic examination of books, accounts, documents, and vouchers of an organization to ascertain how far the financial statements present a true and fair view of the concern.” Note: many small businesses do not get an Audit of their books by a CPA, [...]

Collateral Exam Compared to CPA Audit2021-09-07T22:24:24+00:00
1 March 2019

But I Planned to Pay It Back!


We have likely all heard the stories, maybe even from our own customers! A long‑term trusted employee (we’ll call him Vic) betrayed that trust. Some time ago, maybe years, Vic ‘borrowed’ $500. He has the best intentions to pay it back from his next paycheck. But, of course, on the next payday, Vic actually needs [...]

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4 February 2019



You’ve worked hard to land that new customer.  They want a new line of credit and you want to give it to them.  Of course, you will need financial statements for underwriting but which ones? Audits are the ‘gold standard’ but they are the most expensive for your customer.  Maybe you should ask for a [...]

AUDITS, REVIEWS AND COMPS – OH MY!  2021-07-23T12:04:57+00:00